My New Favorites are the "favorites" of festival-goers, brewery patrons and music lovers from Roanoke to Knoxville. Their shows exude energy, musicianship, energy, great songwriting and more energy. My New Favorites feature a sound that is rootsy enough for Americana purists and progressive enough for folks who are ready to hear Michael Jackson played on the old time clawhammer banjo. Led by award-winning songwriter Jeffrey Benedict, the band is soulful, introspective, wide-open, fun-loving and funny. They feature top-notch fiddling from the young virtuoso, Westley Harris, and sweet vocal harmonies from bass-player supreme Amy Benedict. Scott Wild, a one-man-band percussionist, rounds out the sound. My New Favorites have been featured at Merlefest, Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion, the Blue Plum Festival and the PBS-TV series, "Song of The Mountains.”