My New Favorites has been on a journey. A long journey. Over the band’s 10-year history, the members and the sound have changed, and then changed again. And again. But now, finally, MNF has gelled. “I feel like Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’” says Jeff Benedict, the band’s award-winning songwriter. “We’ve travelled far just to realize we needed to come home.” 

“Home,” in this case means the Appalachian and honkey-tonk roots that form the groove that is now baked into so many of the band’s songs. The current MNF members can all play in a wide variety of musical styles, and they’re all open to following each other’s creative musical impulses wherever they may lead. But regardless of the song or the musical style, they all bring a natural, happy energy to the group. Which translates into a fun time onstage. 

The My New Favorites show showcases both originals and covers, but always in the band’s roots style. “If you’re into Appalachian music, but think an Allman Brothers song on the banjo is cool, we’re probably the band for you,” according to Westley Harris, the group’s fiddler. 

“I think it’s the songwriting that makes us stand out,” says Jason Carpenter, the My New Favorites drummer/percussionist. “We do some fun covers, but it’s the original MNF tunes that people remember.” 

Jason, who brings some serious jazz chops to the band, joins with bassist Amy Benedict to form the backbone of the rhythm section. Amy, who shares the singing with her husband Jeff, wants to see people move to the music. “I love to see people up dancing,” she says. “If they keep dancing, I’ll play all night.” 

The band has been featured at many festivals, concert halls and music venues in Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia and is looking forward to playing a full schedule of shows in 2022 and beyond.